History of the foundation

The timeline of the Foundation of Finnish Business College (Suomen Liikemiesten Kauppaopiston Säätiö) and of the Finnish Business College (Suomen Liikemiesten Kauppaopisto), the educational institution maintained earlier by the foundation


1898The Finnish Business College (Suomen Liikemiesten Kauppaopisto) was founded to provide higher business education in the Finnish language.
1899Publishing and printing company Gummerus Ltd donated the first typewriter to the educational institution. The typewriter is on display in our museum.
1901Licentiate of Laws, later President of the Republic of Finland, J. K. Paasikivi taught commercial law.
1901The first 19 students received their diploma. Among them, were three women. The best student was Väinö Tanner, later leader of the Social Democratic Party of Finland, minister, and Chief Executive Officer of the Elanto Co-operative Society.
1902A New Century Caligraph typewriter was purchased from the office equipment store of Count Carl Gustaf Mannerheim.
1904The first teacher trainees came to receive instruction.
1907The Jugendstil building on Fabianinkatu was completed.
1911The educational institution then called School of Economics, now Helsinki School of Economics (Helsingin kauppakorkeakoulu), was formed of the upper secondary school classes of the Finnish Business College.
1927A new building on Vuorikatu was completed for the school. The premises on Fabianinkatu remained in the use of the School of Economics.
1948The properties on Fabianinkatu and Vuorikatu were sold to the state. The obtained funds were used for building a new premises for the School of Economics. The Finnish Business College remained on Fabianinkatu but started to pay rent to the state.
1949The Foundation of Finnish Business College was founded to maintain the educational institution.
1950The first business school that gives instruction in the evenings for working students was founded within the Finnish Business College. In the same year, the Finnish Business College became an official teacher training school.
1970The first electronic typewriter was purchased. In 1976, there was an entire classroom equipped with electronic typewriters.
1978The business school in Eira, run by Suomen Liikemiesydistys (an association of Finnish businessmen), was merged with the Finnish Business College. A new premises for the merged educational institution was completed in eastern Pasila.
1982The first computer (DAVA 10) was purchased for the educational institution.
1992The Finnish Business College was given permission to form Helsinki Business Polytechnic, Helia, a business university of applied sciences in Helsinki, with parts ATK-instituutti (a former Finnish information technology education provider) and Helsingin Sihteeriopisto (a former school training secretaries in Helsinki). 
1998The Finnish Business College turned 100 years old.
1999The remaining parts of ATK-instituutti were merged with the Finnish Business College.
2004The Finnish Business College was given the Ministry of Education quality award, which is a prize awarded to VET providers in Finland.
2006The Finnish Business College came second in the NGO category of the Suomen Parhaat työpaikat competition, in which organizations compete to find out which one is the best employer. The competition is organized by the Great Place to Work Institute.
2007The Foundation of Finnish Business College and Helsingin kauppaoppilaitos Ltd, which owned Helsingin kauppaoppilaitos (a former provider business education in Helsinki), decided to merge the educational institutions they owned. The merger took place in August 2009.
2008The Finnish Business College was given the quality award of the Ministry of Education again
2009The Foundation of Finnish Business College maintained the educational institute called Finnish Business College until July 31, 2009.

The Finnish Business College and Helsingin kauppaoppilaitos were merged in August. Helsinki Business College Ltd was founded to maintain the new educational institution. The merged educational institution later came to be called Business College Helsinki.

The Foundation of Finnish Business College turned 60 years old.
The purpose of the Foundation of Finnish Business College changed after the merger. On August 1, 2009, the foundation turned into a grant providing foundation and a maintainer of premises.
2019The Foundation of Finnish Business College turned 70 years old.