The Business ID of the Foundation of Finnish Business College Sr is 0202197-2, and its registered office is located in Helsinki.

The foundation is governed by a board of trustees, which is elected for a period of three years at a time. The board also represents the foundation.

The foundation has a Chief Executive Officer, who leads the administration of the foundation in accordance with the rules and instructions issued by the board of trustees.


The foundation is supervised by an auditor and the Finnish Patent and Registration Office.
The foundation is committed to the Best Practice for Foundations. More information (in Finnish): hyvää säätiötapaa.

The holdings of the foundation and its key stakeholders

The foundation owns stock which enables it to govern the SLK building located in Pasila. The foundation is represented in the board of Kiinteistöosakeyhtiö Opetustalo, which is the limited liability company that manages the building. The main user of the building is Business College Helsinki, whose predecessor is the Finnish Business College.

The foundation and the Helsinki Chamber of Commerce own equal shares of Helsinki Business College Ltd, which is responsible for the operations of the educational institution. The foundation is represented in the board of Helsinki Business College Ltd.

The foundation is one of the founding members of the Helia Foundation (Helia säätiö). The Helia Foundation founded a business university of applied science called Helsinki Business Polytechnic (Helsingin liiketalouden ammattikorkeakoulu), Helia, (now Haaga-Helia). The Helia Foundation still has a multifaceted background role in the educational institution. The Foundation of Finnish Business College is represented in the board of the Helia Foundation.

The foundation is a member of the Association of Finnish Foundations.