The foundation awards grants based on its statutes to fulfill its purpose:

1 ) The foundation awards grants for the development of Business College Helsinki, which is an educational institution maintained by Helsinki Business College Ltd. Grants are also awarded to the staff and students of Business College Helsinki.

2 ) The foundation also awards grants to promote business awareness and for collaboration between business and education in accordance with the foci decided annually by the board of trust

Helsinki Business College grants:

  • For the development projects of the Business College operated by Helsinki Business College Oy
  • For Business College students
  • For Business College stagg

Application periods

The application period for grants awarded to the educational institution ends on October 15.

There are two annual application periods for grants awarded to staff and students: the first ends on February 15 and the second ends on October 15.

The beginning of the application periods is announced on the website of the of the foundation and the website of Business College,


The board of trustees of the foundation decides on the recipients and amounts of the grants by April 15 and the end of November each year.

Forms and instructions

Grant application instructions and forms can be found on the website of the foundation.

The grantee must always give a report on how the grant was used in accordance with the instructions.

Grand application (form)

Grand report (form)